Country Ratings

Full rating history from the leading rating agencies

The country rating is used by institutional investors as an insight into the financial, economic and political risk levels associated with investing in a particular country. Credit rating agencies use a combination of economic, social and political factors to evaluate several factors and determine a country’s likelihood of default.

Investors need to know particular country’s ability and capacity to meet its financial commitments, therefore they are likely to monitor the sovereign ratings while making investment decisions. Better grades are associated with lower interest rates that the investors will be willing to accept on the debt. Aside from global bond markets, a strong credit rating also helps attract foreign direct investment.

EquityRT MacroAnalytics gives access to country ratings as released by the four leading credit rating agencies. The geographical coverage extents from Americas to Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Oceania.

  • Get access to full rating history from the leading rating agencies for all countries covered
  • Select, view and compare grades across regions and country groups and download results to Excel
  • See how many countries are upgraded or downgraded and monitor the latest opinions (outlook) regarding the likely direction over the medium term.
  • A summary page for the latest changes by date, country and rating agency
Country Ratings

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