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Access comprehensive information to support your investment planning sourced from the most reputable and trusted data providers.

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In depth information on listed companies

Full coverage of Nasdaq, NYSE, US OTC, Toronto and Canadian Stock exchanges

Company Financials and Ratios

Detailed Shareholder and Ownership Analysis

Analyst Estimates and Recommendations


Keep your finger on the pulse of financial markets

Access to comprehensive news sources ensures that you don’t miss any important announcements. We have forged solid relationships with trustworthy news sources, like Reuters,  to give you the highest quality financial news.



Diversify your portfolio by finding investment ideas with the help of our unrivaled fund holdings and investment trend features.

  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Close Ended Funds


Stay in touch with our extended market coverage



Treasury Bonds

Currency Rates

Crypto Currency


See the whole picture

Key economic information is consolidated into a single portal for quick analysis when pulling together your investment strategy, fine tuning your portfolio or making recommendations to your clients.


We bring it all together

Easy access to the latest growth rates, trade, monetary and fiscal indicators meticulously collected from reputable local and global sources. Give your clients the assurance that your advise is based on the most accurate and timely information.

Keep informed about the key economic events on the horizon with our Economic Release Calendar

Macroeconomic trends that impact your investment performance

The health of the economy directly influence the financial health of all investors so keeping track of the macro environment is a good idea. With EquityRT Economics you have access to signs and signals of your local and global economy making it easy to answer questions like :

Is the housing market booming?

What has inflation been over the last 3 years?

What is the current borrowing rate?

What is projected for growth?

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