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Easy-to-use Stock Screener

With so many stocks that you could invest in, making the right choice can be challenging.

EquityRT’s Stock Screener makes this simple. Easily customize your selection criteria and find your best investment choices in a few clicks.

  • Built-in stock screeners speeding up your stock selection
  • Wide range of fundamental and technical screening criteria
  • Build your own stock screeners
  • Optimize your screening by including your favorite stocks and excluding your least liked stocks
Stock Screener EquityRT

Custom Stock Screeners

Choose from over 200 ratios to add to your screening criteria.

Save your customised screeners and use them later.

Search and filter stocks by a wide selection of fundamental and technical metrics.

Screener Customizing stock screening
Stock Screener EquityRT

Built-in Screeners

Explore our Built-in stock screeners designed with preset criteria based on popular strategies.

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