Company Financials Are Now Transparent Than Ever

EquityRT Analyst
| Nov 22, 2018
EquityRT Company Financials

Stock analysts cope with huge amounts of data before coming to a financial decision or finalizing hours of analyzing. It is not a simple world where all the companies have just 100 shares and consist of a single main company, with easy-to-analyze assets or liquidity. In fact, the real financial world, is a lot more complicated than this, with various amounts of data coming from different sources. That’s why so many evaluation metrics and analyzing techniques have emerged over time.

A Trustworthy Ally: Fundamental Analysis

One of these methods is “Fundamental Analysis”. Fundamental analysis, as the name implies, is relatively basic, trustworthy and creates a very good understanding of a company and of its stocks . It relies on data, from sources like market share, economic reports, company assets, and financial records. But let’s face it – again welcome back to the real world, not all organizations admit the downsides of their businesses. Moreover, when companies have multiple kinds of liquidity, assets, sub or sister companies and active all around the world; just focusing on the bottom line may lead to false deductions.

Yes, standardized financial formats allow analysts to swiftly compare fundamentals between different companies. But to discover the true financial position of a company, financial analysts need to further dig into data such as a company’s growth pattern, leverage, profitability, liquidity and vice versa, in order to conduct detailed and trusted analyses.

All the information you need in one place. Add EquityRT to your toolkit for quality investment research.

The Need of Multitasking During Financial Analysis

Analysts turn to the financials as published by the company itself, along with the financials released in standardised formats. This usually provides them with an insight and a deeper look into the companies’ real business.

But it’s hard to look for very specific data, interpret it and then come to a conclusion. Imagine yourself trying to multitask while dealing with financial reports, trying to dig out more information, trying to find out the right, trustworthy and accurate sources, and decide if the data is valid or not. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a comprehensive platform that provides all the data, internal or external financial reports, and even the stock history of the company under the question?

An Equity Research Platform to Unite Them All

Actually, there is a platform that can help the analysts to cope with the simplest and greatest aspects of financial analysis. A platform that can put all the sources, reports and data together while an analyst can take in and digest all the information to come to a right conclusion. Where the analysts can simply focus on their main purpose: analyze.

And you can have all these financial data as transparent as ever, without even leaving the platform. You don’t need to visit the company’s investor relations page and search for the financials as published. Eliminating all these steps, now you can download financials released by the company as a pdf file and with a single click.

EquityRT focuses on providing all the data and reports over a user-friendly screen and takes over the job of collecting reports about tens of thousands of companies. This way analysts can easily compare the 3rd party reports with the company’s reports to see a clearer picture with a clearer mind.

Access to company’s financials as reported just after the announcements

Source: EquityRT MacroAnalytics

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