Investment Strategy Builder & Fundamental Backtesting

The easiest way to design a fundamental based investment strategy and backtest its viability.

  • Improve your investment decisions with a viable strategy that is tested and optimized.
  • Fully customizable to suit your unique investment goals.
  • Easy to use and quick to master.
Stock Screener EquityRT

Flexible Strategy Creation

Our unique and intelligent methodology combines fundamental ratio rankings and weightings to develop your optimum investment strategy.

Select from a wide range of fundamental ratios and define custom criteria for your strategy.

Apply weightings and filters to your key ratios and choose your industry sector to customize your investment universe.

Screener Customizing stock screening
Stock Screener EquityRT

Backtest a fundamental strategy

Easily setup your backtest criteria such as time period, benchmark, portfolio weighting method, rebalance frequency and more.

Detailed results from your strategy backtesting are delivered in creative visual dashboards.

Sector and Stock breakdowns are provided for every rebalancing period.

Combine and weight multiple strategies and backtest them at the same time.

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