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EquityRT is a trusted financial market research and data analytics platform, that is designed to empower the professionals in the investment industry.

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Why you should choose EquityRT?

Optimize your Investment Strategy with

EquityRT Strategy Builder and Backtesting

Portfolio managers, equity research analysts, economists and many other investment professionals are constantly challenged to deliver quality research to guide the right investment decisions.

Making the right decisions starts with having an optimum investment strategy in place. EquityRT’s unique investment strategy builder and backtesting super-feature gives you the easiest way to design a fundamental based investment strategy, and back test its effectiveness in just a few clicks.

Flexible Access

No installs or download needed. Access EquityRT anytime anywhere, giving you the mobility you need in todays world.

Speed & Efficiency

Simple intuitive analytical tools, visually insightful screens and logically structured data lets you spend more time in analysis mode.

Relevant & Insightful

Consistent expansion of data coverage and innovation of platform features keeps your analysis relevant and insightful.
Winning Features

It’s all about experience

Simple, intuitive and customizable

Model Portfolio

Lose the spreadsheet and keep track of your model portfolios online with ease. All your portfolio information is pulled together in one place keeping you in control of your investment returns.

The next level of charting

Enjoy the new advanced charting application, jam-packed with new features that allows for detailed customization of your charts. From fundamental to economic charting, custom time series design or basic price charting – it all can be done here in just a few clicks.

Create data tables online

There is no longer a need to export huge chunks of data and then re-organise it in excel. We have made it easy for you to create customised data tables online, for the data you need and in the format you want.

Interactive dashboard

Innovative customizable dashboard bringing together key market monitoring components helping you to keep your finger on the pulse in a single view. Create multiple watchlists of stocks. Easily switch between current day market data and key fundamental indicators of your most watched stocks, conveniently grouped into “Growth”, “Value”, “Leverage”, and “Dividend” categories.

Fresh modern interface

A fresh, crisp and super-fast user interface with an ergonomically friendly layout makes it quick and easy to find what you are looking for.

Integrate with Excel

Automate complicated and repetitive analytics in excel using our simple syntax. Use ready-built templates or get our team to help design your custom models.

Insights and Data

Insights you can count on

Access comprehensive information and insights to support your research from the most reputable and trusted data providers.

We won’t settle for any less and you shouldn’t either.


Listed Companies


Stock Exchanges


News Source


Economic Indicators

Fundamental Analysis

Rich depth in fundamental analysis including extended coverage in emerging markets. We also provide company financials in a pure as published format.

Shareholder Analysis

Smart analytics is applied on detailed shareholder data to reveal interesting trends in shareholder behavior and stock holding patterns.

Estimates & Forecasts

Comprehensive coverage of estimates, forecasts and recommendations from analysts.

Stock Screening and Sector Analytics

Save time and improve your efficiency with our advanced stock screening and sector analysis tools.

Fixed Income

In-depth fixed income data is sorted and arranged in visually appealing screens making it easy to navigate to the information you need.

Macro Economic

Boost your research with access to economic indicators from 200 countries. A wide coverage with easily accessible information makes EquityRT the go-to option for detailed economic analysis.
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