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EquityRT Analyst
| Dec 20, 2018
equity research analyst of the future

EquityRT is one of the leading Market Analysis and Equity Research Platforms in the EMEA region that provides analysts with comprehensive and easy-to-understand data.

Developers at EquityRT have a thorough understanding of the complexities and difficulties associated with an analyst’s work. This is why the EquityRT platform presents comprehensive information through a user-friendly UI (user interface).

As a company that’s familiar with all aspects of the business, EquityRT also recognizes the importance of human capital. EquityRT believes that despite all the achievements of technology, human resource is still the number one resource in the finance world. As a result, EquityRT places great emphasis on financial education and developing close relationships with academics and financial trainees.

All the information you need in one place. Add EquityRT to your toolkit for quality investment research.

EquityRT Market Analysis and Equity Research Platform is proud to both provide decision-making data for professional analysts and provide students with a real-world environment to help them put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Even Better with Add-Ins and Easy to Set Up

Thanks to EquityRT’s Dynamic Excel Add-in, lecturers can create models linked to relevant data and share them with their students on the EquityRT platform. Our market analysis platform helps lecturers and students transform abstract financial and economic analyses into real-world business practices.

We believe simplicity is the key to success. As a result, the setup process for EquityRT is clear and straightforward. No local servers need to be setup. Lecturers and students can use the platform through a web browser, just like any other website, and easily build their financial trading hubs to provide a real-life trading experience for students. In addition, lecturers can conduct studies and assign projects to students through the EquityRT analyses platform.

We’re proud to assist leading educational institutions across Europe to achieve a balance between scientific rigour and practical relevance in their university syllabuses.

We’re ready to work with more universities and contribute to the education of future finance professionals, analysts and investors.

Five Advantages of Lectures Incorporating the EquityRT Market Analysis Platform

Here are some key abilities students can gain with the help of EquityRT:

  • To read, interpret, model and make decisions based on financial data.
  • To undertake company analysis and create investment strategies.
  • Sector analyses and comparison of country ratios.
  • Fundamental macro indicators of different industries and countries.
  • Hands on training and experience with Excel modeling!

Source: EquityRT MacroAnalytics

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