Extensive Company Coverage for a Meaningful Global Peer Comparison

EquityRT Analyst
| Nov 6, 2018
Collecting as much accurate data as possible is the core of equity analyses. Since the contemporary financial world is also interconnected, data comes from diversified sources. Diversified, accurate and up-to-date data is crucial in making investment decisions, as well as finding out new investment opportunities. And this doesn’t change when you need peer comparisons.

Peer Comparison Analysis: Global and Accurate Data is Essential

As one of the most widely used and accepted methods of equity analyses, peer comparison analyses are particularly effective for detecting undervalued stocks or determining the stocks which would be a good addition to a portfolio.

Hence the name suggests, it depends on comparison and relative valuation. This means an analysis platform with “extensive coverage” should not only include a large number of companies, but it must collect a wide variety of data and information about them. The analysts not only need to have an access to extensive company coverage and but also conduct detailed analyses across regions, countries and industries. EquityRT platform provides dividend & corporate actions, company disclosures such as financial reports and presentations. Combined with real-time company/sector news and comparable cross country indicators; EquityRT enables the analysts to come up with the most accurate deductions and forecasts.

All the information you need in one place. Add EquityRT to your toolkit for quality investment research.

EquityRT Covers Both Company Data and Global Data Extensively

At EquityRT, we collect a wide variety of data which contributes to reliable peer comparison analysis. We offer 120,000+ company data that enables an extensive global peer comparison. Analysts can gain essential insights into industry-sector characteristics, comparables, and key trends.EquityRT research platform reveals the previous patterns and trends of stocks presents the analysts a context of the company.

Combined with EquityRT analyses platform’s ability to compare targeted industries and companies with ready-to-use analytics, research analysts can get the most accurate deductions and forecasts. Research analysts can also create peer lists from defined lists of 25 Main and 125 Sub Peer groups.

As equity research analysts devote lots of their times and energies to follow the markets, analyze stocks and explore various scenarios to make a stock investment recommendation, the very last thing they need is complexity. EquityRT is an easy-to-navigate platform that provides the most accurate financial datasets enabling in-depth peer analysis.

Speed, clarity, validity. In today’s investment environment, these are the key factors that determine the results. EquityRT’s market analyses platform can offer all of these.

EquityRT continuously improves its analyses platform and its information verification systems; while keeping the ease of use at the center of the design.

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Source: EquityRT MacroAnalytics

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