Easily conduct in depth analysis of over 122 000 companies.

Richness in fundamental analysis

Effective fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of a sound investment strategy and access to accurate and reliable data us fundamental (no pun intended).

EquityRT understands the diverse preferences of different analysts and for this reason financial statements are made available in various standardized templates for easy comparisons between companies. In addition to standardised financials EquityRT uniquely also delivers financials in an “As Published” format which is a changing needs of modern analysts.

Understanding how companies stack up against its peers

For buy side and sell side analysts, portfolio managers, research analysts, investor relations and many other analytical roles, having a detailed understanding of industry sectors and companies in peer groups can provide the edge in making the right decisions.

EquityRT offers a range of intuitive tools that enables detailed peer analysis and stock screening. Easily view peer averages of key financial ratios, explore the market capitalization distribution of companies in peer sectors or simply make informed stock picks with the use of the intuitive stock screening tool.


Assess a companies Financial Health in one click

A detailed assessment of the key financial ratios of a company provides an indication of the companies financial health. 

In addition to the comprehensive list of financial ratios available for companies, EquityRT add further value by computing vast amounts of data to calculate market and country medians of the peer group enabling ratio benchmarking with a single click.



Unpack Analysts Expectations and predict the future 

EquityRT bring together analysts expectations, consensus forecasts and recommendations to support forward analysis of companies.  All estimate data points can easily be integrated into your financial models using EquityRT Excel Addin.



Explore Shareholders of companies

EquityRT provides institutional, mutual fund and stakeholder ownership information for equities worldwide – enabling users to identify investment flows across holder types, sectors, and regions.

Using smart data processing techniques EquityRT creates insightful views of shareholder data such as  historic investment patterns of shareholder, local and foreign investment or even investment portfolio views of institutions.