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Share centralized research results

We provide your research team the tools to develop concepts, broadcast results, and check the outcome of the process.

  • Collaborate with your teammates in the same building or working in different locations.
  • Create custom watchlists, share and sync with all team members.
  • Create custom screeners to filter the market according to company strategies.
  • Share insights, updates and reports with your clients -anytime, anywhere.
  • Define who can access what, and review network activity
  • Maintain the transparency necessary to comply with evolving regulations

Ensure business continuity and high-level service

EquityRT gives your team the power to collaborate across disparate locations, ensure the security and continuity of your best thinking.

When employee turnover or inconsistent data management threaten the progress of your internal research, EquityRT ensures that you have the control of your research content.

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