MacroAnalytics: Time to Put A Frame Around the Bigger Picture

MacroAnalytics: Time to Put A Frame Around the Bigger Picture Since John Maynard Keynes first introduced macroeconomic theory in The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money; it has evolved and given birth to many other interpretations. These are collectively called Keynesian economics or Keynesianism. Although Keynes’ ideas were radical and revolutionary at the time, they have since become the foundation of many countrywide economic models and [...]

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EquityRT Invests in Tomorrow’s Financial Experts

EquityRT is one of the leading Market Analysis and Equity Research Platforms in the EMEA region that provides analysts with comprehensive and easy-to-understand data. Developers at EquityRT have a thorough understanding of the complexities and difficulties associated with an analyst’s work. This is why the EquityRT platform presents comprehensive information through a user-friendly UI (user interface). As a company that’s familiar with all aspects of the business, EquityRT also [...]

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Unrivalled Emerging Markets Data Content & Insights

Matured markets are often associated with a safer financial environment but they are also stable. Usually, the significant opportunities represent themselves rarely and with less rewarding outcomes. Emerging markets, on the other hand, represent many opportunities with much more rewarding outcomes. Yet, it’s the question of how to choose the most rewarding investment opportunities. Circumstances in emerging markets are very similar in this regard. Risks are higher but can [...]

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Company Financials Are Now Transparent Than Ever

Stock analysts cope with huge amounts of data before coming to a financial decision or finalizing hours of analyzing. It is not a simple world where all the companies have just 100 shares and consist of a single main company, with easy-to-analyze assets or liquidity. In fact, the real financial world, is a lot more complicated than this, with various amounts of data coming from different sources. That’s why [...]

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EquityRT News: We Launch our Market Analysis Platform in South Africa

Decisions and analyses in the financial world heavily rely on data. And as the amount and variety of data grow dramatically, it brings the problem of structuring Big Data and making it actionable for investment professionals. The human ability to make sense of vast amounts of data collected from different sources becomes inadequate or inefficient, not to mention ensuring the accuracy. In addition to this fact, market volatility has [...]

Extensive Company Coverage for a Meaningful Global Peer Comparison

Collecting as much accurate data as possible is the core of equity analyses. Since the contemporary financial world is also interconnected, data comes from diversified sources. Diversified, accurate and up-to-date data is crucial in making investment decisions, as well as finding out new investment opportunities. And this doesn’t change when you need peer comparisons. Peer Comparison Analysis: Global and Accurate Data is Essential As one of the most [...]